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The QDG community presents its members with quality resources that allow them to stand out in their profession.  We take a comprehensive approach toward empowering our members. For instance, we provide vital resources that give our members knowledge and crucial information that gives them an edge over their peers.  We also help members develop the skills they need to become more effective and productive.

We do our best to ensure that members are empowered to tackle the present challenges in their organizations and well-positioned to cater to the future needs of their company.

There are five different levels of memberships, and each of them has unique criteria and benefits. Whatever the level might be, they are all designed to make you handle your job assignment better than before.

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At the QDG, we continually add new content and improve on existing ones in our library. We welcome publishers, researchers, and professionals who can add value to our publications. We would like you to contact us today and get involved.

Individual Membership Levels


This membership is intended for students studying courses in management, administration, teaching, and healthcare in UK universities and its environs. It is an excellent choice for those looking forward to obtaining the QDG certification.

Associate (AQDG)

This level is for people who are ready to go beyond the basics and would learn the highest standard, practice, and conduct in their respective disciplines. Members will be able to meet and network with senior colleagues in their disciplines.

Member (MQDG)

This Member level affirms that an individual has the required skill and knowledge to be outstanding in a professional career.  This level focuses on imparting the practical skills and insight to achieve desired growth.  ear.

Fellow (FQDG)

This is this highest level of QDG Membership.  Those who have attained this level are expected to be highly competent and to have proof of achievements.  This level exemplifies the highest form of dedication to excel in any profession.

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QDG Student
£ 20 Yearly
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£ 75 Yearly
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£ 100 Yearly
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