The QD Global meets very high international accreditation standards and verification to provide our accredited courses and programmes. Such international and local accreditations and associations are highly sought. We guarantee we have always sustained the highest standard in everything we do to uphold and meet the integrity and quality of the partnerships and programmes we offer.


Afnor UK

Afnor is the French national organisation for standardisation, servicing for international universities, colleges and schools. They concentrate on standardisation, certification, publishing and training. Their standardisation is at the core service of the general interest. Meanwhile, their other activities are performed out in the competitive field.

Institute of the Administrative Management

The Institute of the Administrative Management (IAM) is highly-renowned professional body and organisations for aspiring and practising business and administrative managers. They support members and students across fifty-eight countries globally. The QD Global is an International Chapter of the IAM.

ER Systems

ER Systems was formed in 2005 to support the NHS providing ambulance services in both the Patient Transport Services (PTS) and Accident and Emergency (A&E) divisions. The services offered now extend into supporting sporting and other events, Mental Health (MH) transfers, Aeromedical Repatriation (AR), Education and Training and Consultancy.


ASIC Ltd is a government-approved accreditation body that concentrates on the accreditation of training organisations, schools as well as distance and online education providers both in the United Kingdom and overseas. Their procedure assesses the institution altogether, such as the delivering, teaching and administration systems of the courses. This guarantees the needed standards are reached. We are working with this company as their representative in Iraq to promote their accreditation services.

Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning is a professional body for trainers as well as Learning & Development Professionals. They offer their members the chance they need to establish themselves as learning and development professionals. The QD Global is working with ITOL in the Middle East to promote their training, accreditation and membership services. We are running accreditation services together.

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The digital platforms that The QD Global designed and delivered for us has transformed our working practices. Not only are we more efficient but we have made substantial financial savings.

Andrew Gibson
Director, ER Systems