Industries We Serve

The QDG meets very high international accreditation standards and verification to provide our accredited courses and programmes. Such international and local accreditations and associations are highly sought. We guarantee we have always sustained the highest standard in everything we do to uphold and meet the integrity and quality of the partnerships and programmes we offer.

Healthcare and Medical Sector

The healthcare sector is increasing along with the standards of living and the demographics. Access to data and healthcare services through the digital channel is one of the most disruptive trends influencing the industry.
The QDG provides innovative training solutions for business process management and customer care by letting them stay competitive. We provide healthcare organisations with the ability to optimise patient administration and billing, clinical care, collaboration and patient engagement.

Pharmaceutical Sector

The pharmaceutical sectors have noticed many trials from healthcare reform to declining market growth. Downward pressure on emerging technologies, regulations and pricing are anticipated to persist.
QDG’s development and learning solutions mitigate most of such challenges. We offer you with a better-trained workforce, enhancing both the profitability and productivity of your organisations.

Education Sector

We uphold the significance of education. We support both workplace and classroom education as learning never stops at QDG. Our team of professional consultants has worked in developing training and program models to make sure individuals and organisations cope along with the ever-competitive global market.

Higher Education Sector

The higher education industry is at crossroads. Institutions are currently seeking third-party solution providers that can deliver cost-efficacy with revenues lowering and administrative expenses increasing.
QDG collaborate with educational institutions to help them develop in the world order. Our services are supported by analytical abilities allowing them to concentrate on their core area of business.

Oil and Gas sector

Oil and gas companies encounter cost-saving imperatives, environmental mandates, regulatory requirements and increasing demands of customers in various nations. Various oil and gas sector encounter a shrinking talent pool and budget constraints. Our end-to-end business process management allows oil and gas companies to create smarter and robust processes, handle industry complexities and cut operational expenses.

Construction and Real Estate Sector

Each day, we walk with our clients about their regular challenges like hiring, writing compliance processes to make sure their payroll, as well as benefits plans, enables them for flexibility and present results everybody could count on. QDG has established inclusive solutions to surpass numerous challenges.

Public Sector

Public administrations and governments are pushed to offer more cost-efficient and cost-effective public services regularly in today’s ever-increasing digitalised environment. QDG has been a strategic partner in the modernisation process adopted by big public administration to answer the raised communication needs of its citizens.
We have created modified solutions for the execution of citizen engagement and e-government. We help the public sector organisations to serve and connect with their people.

Professional Associations And Charities

Professional service firms experienced different challenges. There’s the shortage of top talent and the declining price pressure on services. QDG helps professional service firms compete in this highly changing market by offering training and development solutions which improve productivity, skills, lower employee turnover, and help keep the service offerings of the company on the cutting-edge.

Tourism and Hospitality

The hospitality and tourism sector has placed itself as a spearhead in the global economy. This demonstrates growth throughout the past 20 years. Today, it’s an increasing sector, and it’s a key factor for socio-economic development.
New tourism and destinations diversification have funded to the stability of this sector. Tourism and hospitality have responded to the digital world, innovating, growing and investing through it. Client care is vital for the tourism and hospitality sector. At QDG, we help firms convert an intangible service.

Business Consulting and Training Companies

Business consulting and training companies are seeking to respond faster to new business opportunities. QDG work with information and content providers as well as executive search companies. We aim to drive top-notch actionable insights with analytics, gain increased revenues, to earn cost efficiencies and present top-notch end-client experience.

Communications & Media

Transforming trends like convergence and digitisation, the fame of free content, as well as new technology platforms, have compelled entertainment and media companies to establish new business models to take advance approaches to development.
Our end-end process management allows communications and media firms to keep pace with an evolving world and presenting cost-efficient operations at the same time.

Agricultural Sector

Farming is a special industry. It presents food that is vital to our regular lives and part of a rich cultural heritage. It has coloured and shaped our distinct landscape and remains to do so. We at QDG offer the companies with extremely qualified experts who have an understanding of the nitty-gritty of the sector.
We offer cost- and time-efficient to agricultural companies by helping them recruit and establish up-and-coming leaders, strengthen the efficacy of the top leadership team and support cultural and strategic transformation.

Manufacturing Sectors

Our manufacturing clients are diverse in services and products. We have collaborated with clients who work with food beverage, wood, sheet metal, aerospace, mould injection, plastic, and so much more.
Our manufacturing clients get in touch with us to present services to their diverse workforce. Among several of the services, we offer department audits, leadership training, human resources, and consulting services.